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Come and socialise with a wonderfully diverse group of like-minded women to connect, create new friendships and working opportunities – be inspired.


Monday 13 April 2013



“Brilliant job Lisa – thanks so much for inviting us all – I thought it was really well attended and there was a very buzzy atmosphere – also very impressed with all the women who presented their gifts; very inspiring. Thanks again Lisa, see you at the next one.”

Judy Lipsey, Associate Director

Premier Communications


“I really do believe you are onto something here and I would personally grab it with both hands!”

Hermione Ross, Handi Music

Management, Producer Management, A&R, Visual, Recording & Music Services



“Well done – The Hospital Club was a great's to more in the future.”

Justina Parry, CEO & Founder

My PA & My Recruitment

“Inspiring evening! So great to meet so many talented interesting women running socially positive businesses in London – well done.”


“Just to say well done on last night – my goodness it was rammed! I hope everyone had as good a time as I did. Do let me know if you are going to make 'the gathering' a regular event as I have plenty of other people from cake makers and elderflower cordial makers to event organisers (conferences) who I could invite.”

Dee Pilgrim, Editor/Writer/Copywriter


"We just wanted to say thank you so much for a great evening. You will have to do more of these – so many powerful women in one room."

Judy Mark, Executive Assistant

Universal Pictures International



"Well done Lisa – was a marvel and what an amazing group of women, everyone was lovely, open, warm and inspiring!  You should feel very proud!”

Emma Engers

Emma Engers Associates – Theatre Agent



“Huge thanks for last night – what a resounding success.  I was so impressed at the diverse collection of women you managed to bring together.”



"I loved this event and I'm inspired to take my products to a different level! I met so many inspirational women in business tonight."

Sandie Duncan, Managing Director

Tia & Anda Beauty Products



"Thank you again for inviting me to join an amazing group of inspiring women on Monday night. It was a wonderful evening and you ensured that each and every guest was made to feel welcome. It was an energy filled evening for me. I managed to meet some wonderful women and suspect that the post event sharing may be equally successful with connecting others."

Tania Bearsley

Ziggle It!



"I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and I would be very interested to do this again.  I met some very interesting people, plus I've two new clients from the evening, so I am very happy.  Thank you for all your hard work in getting us all together."

Debra Van Minnen,

Hypnotherapist & Pyschotherapist



"Thank you for organising such a great and valuable evening. Please let me know when you do plan the next one."

Helena Baddeley, Photographer

Helena Joy Photography



"It really was a truly wonderful evening, thank you so much once again for putting it all together. I had engrossing and effervescent chats with lots of women. I was so impressed with the levels of entrepreneurship and enthusiasm among the throng. I felt quite buoyed up afterwards."

Beverley D'Silva, Freelance Journalist


(Sunday Times Magazine)



"Thanks for a lovely evening. I am looking forward to the next one!"

Julia Macmillan, Founder



"Thanks so much, it was an amazing evening and you hosted it beautifully."

Kate Mansfield, Managing Director

Global Rock Media

Film, TV, Digital, Advertising



"I think you could make a brilliant success out of this!"

Sylvia Coleman, Lawyer



"I had a lovely time chatting with other ladies from all sorts of businesses at Lisa's Hospital Club event. I met Tania from Ziggleit, and we've collaborating on products to benefit both our businesses ever since. A lovely evening with many, very interesting women!"

Lauren Pears, Founder

Lady Dinah's Cat Café